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Industry 4.0

Our aim is to develop a complex implementation plan outlining the necessary steps and timeline for implementing Industry 4.0 technology, which includes:

•An assessment process to identify specific technologies to be adopted.

•Determining when and in what order they will be implemented.

•Strategic assessment of priorities (quick wins, low-hanging fruit) to achieve early benefits.

Virtual veryfication

•Complex process and program preparation for virtual design verification in 3D as well as in VR (in specific areas).

•Visualization of the production process in CAD/VR.

•Industrial internet. Augmented Reality.

Data collection and visualization

Data collection and use

Connected machines

Data visualization (e.g. PowerBI)

Trainings, support and supervision

We offer training for all levels of management and production staff.

We are also available to you after implementation.

We support you in your continuous improvement processes.

We provide you with the latest and proven solutions